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ERinfo Pro for FirstNet® is FirstNet Certified™ and Listed

During medical emergencies, it’s important to deliver care as quickly and efficiently as possible. First responders and other medical professionals cannot afford to lose time when a patient's life hangs in the balance. ERinfo is the medical ID app emergency personnel need to identify a patient and use their personal information to provide the necessary care.

As a FirstNet Certified™ and Listed app, you can be confident ERinfo for FirstNet® is incredibly relevant and helpful to first responders. Learn more about this highly secure and highly available platform!

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ERinfo users provide information about their pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, and current medications that may go undetected during an emergency. After arriving on scene, emergency medical service personnel can identify the patient by photo through the ERinfo app and have instant access to relevant medical information.

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The ERinfo patient identifier app immediately notifies physicians and family members who users list as their emergency contacts. This means during a medical emergency, paramedics can focus entirely on getting a patient to the hospital while their loved ones are already on their way there.  

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Only licensed medical providers and first responders can access health information and patient contacts during an emergency. A patient's personal information is never disclosed to bystanders or strangers and emergency medical services can still be rendered either on-site or in an ambulance. Learn more about our app’s other applications!

Who ERinfo Can Help

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, millions of patients visit emergency departments and nearly 18 million of them result in hospital admission; 3.1 million result in admission to the critical care unit. The ERinfo medical ID app is all about helping patients who may have pre-existing health conditions medical responders need to know about, including:





-Mental health disorders

-And more

But, this patient identifier platform can also provide a massive advantage to first responders who need to assess a patient’s condition immediately and need access to health conditions that can affect how care is provided.

Benefits of Integrating


into Emergency Medical Services

  • Time-Saving Efficiency: ERinfo enables faster patient identification, saving valuable time in critical situations. This efficiency allows medical emergency professionals to provide prompt and effective care.

  • Enhanced Patient Safety: By accessing patients' detailed medical information, first responders can make informed decisions about treatment plans and avoid potential medical complications.

  • Seamless Collaboration: ERinfo promotes seamless collaboration among medical professionals by providing a centralized platform for sharing patient data.

  • Peace of Mind: For patients and their loved ones, knowing that their medical information is readily available in emergencies brings immense peace of mind.

Save More Lives With ERinfo & FirstNet®

In the world of emergency medicine, every second counts. With ERinfo, you can trust that patient identification and contact notification will be prompt, accurate, and hassle-free. Join the revolution in emergency medical response today and experience the power of ERinfo. Learn more about how emergency medical services can protect citizens with the medical ID and patient identifier powers of this revolutionary app.