Making patient information actionable during emergencies!

Anywhere, Anytime Patient Identification Using AI & Facial Recognition  

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Missing patient information increases risks & costs during emergencies

ERinfo unleashes

the power of AI & facial recognition:

  • Identify a patient

  • Track patient status and location

  • Update on-scene and remotely

  • Access patients’ critical information

  • Send automated notifications

  • Simplify family reunification

  • Share information in real-time

ERinfoPRO is the simple, intuitive solution for:

Routine EMS Calls

Mass Casualty Incidents

Natural Disaster Responses


Who needs ERinfo:

  • EMS

  • Public Safety Agencies

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Senior Living Communities

  • Public & Private Health Insurers

  • Large Venues/Events (Theme parks, Cruise line, Resorts)

  • Refugee and Undocumented Populations


ERinfo's API can integrate with any healthcare system

ERinfo API

In real-time, AI allows us to:

  • Identify patients quickly & accurately

  • Provide secure notifications

  • Deliver medical information in real-time to first responders & hospitals!

How ERinfo works:


Facial photo initiates identification


Subsequent photos used to track, update and access information


Authorized users can identify and update information on-scene and remotely

How it works

On-demand and automatic notifications by text and email

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Certified, Compliant & Simple

  • FirstNet Certified, meets the government’s requirements for security, scalability and reliability

  • Government authentication for EMS, public safety agents and hospital personnel provided by FirstNet

  • HIPAA, FERPA & GDPR compliant

  • Extensive safeguards ensure privacy and security

  • Seamlessly share information between EMS, healthcare facilities and public safety agencies

  • ERinfo runs on iOS, Android & browsers

  • Scalable & Accessible: Works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

  • Intuitive: Requires only minutes to learn

  • Simple to use during emergencies

ERinfo with AI.

A simpler, smarter solution.

  • Saves money

  • Improves patient care

  • Reduces stress on patients and families

  • Accelerates family notification and reunification

  • Reduces duplication & inefficient use of resources

  • Affordable: only pennies per day

  • No special tags, barcodes or equipment needed


Doctor & Paramedic Recommended

"Works anywhere, anytime"

“In my opinion, as a public health professional and EMT, everyone can benefit by subscribing to ERinfo, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition, severe allergy, or are taking medications.  The information ERinfo provides  could change how a first responder might provide emergency care.

Enrolling with ERinfo is a small step to prepare for an unwanted emergency.  ERinfo can make a huge difference in a patient's outcome and recovery. I have seen many cases where a ERinfo would have helped the patient tremendously.”

Ruben R. EMT-B

"Great way to support patients"

As a physician, I am acutely aware of how important it is to know a patient’s medical history before I perform any sort of intervention.

I recommend ERinfo because this platform provides critical patient information including their medical history, medication regimens, and potential life threatening allergies when the patient themself may not be able to communicate with me.

Additionally, being able to contact a patient's family during an emergency is another huge benefit.  This is not only for me as a medical provider, but also provides peace of mind for family members of those patients, especially if the patient has chronic medical conditions.

Dr. Paige F. MD, MPH

"No ID Needed!"

“The information ERinfo provides can be extremely helpful in my assessments and in providing patients the best possible care in emergency situations.

ERinfo is available to me all the time as the standard Medical ID app on our mobile devices.  This is critical because I don’t have the time or resources to check for, make calls, or access other types of medical IDs during a medical emergency.”

Mark K. EMT-B

Simple: No paper tags or barcodes

Get started with ERinfo