Does your MCI & Patient Tracking system deliver everything you need?

Simplify Patient Tracking, Victim Reunification & Evacuation Management for Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) with ERinfoPRO

Our patented, scalable, cloud-based technology
uses victim photos to provide:

• Patientidentification and tracking that begins on location
• Identifying & reuniting patients with families
• Tracking location and destination of patients
• Updating and tracking patient triage status
• Information available to EMS, Hospitals & Incident
Managersin real time


Importance of identifying & tracking patients during a MCI:

  • Improves the delivery of patient care
  • Reduce psychological impact on patients and families
  • Simplifies & accelerates the family reunification process
  • Reduces duplication and inefficient use of resources
  • Compiles information for post-incident analysis
  • Provides documentation for financial reimbursement

ERinfoPRO is:

  • HIPPA, FERPA & GDPR compliant
  • FirstNet Certified by the federal government & available to credentialed EMS nationally
  • Can be integrated with other systems
  • Enhances ERinfoPRO’s – Anywhere, Anytime Patient Recognition, Medical Information and Emergency Notification platform
  • Scalable & Accessible: works locally, regionally, nationally & internationally
  • Intuitive – Requires only minutes to learn

ERinfoPRO uses photos to identify patients, access & update their location, reunify them with family, & access available medical information

  • Initial photo is taken on scene
  • Record with Incident ID, Transport ID, Destination and Patient Status is created
  • ERinfoPRO automatically tracks location and time

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