Evacuation Management Made Simple

Simplify Evacuation Management with On-site and Remote Updating of Information!

Patients and people are identified, tracked, triaged, and reunited
throughout an evacuation using their picture!

FirstNet Certified, meeting the government’s requirements for
security, scalability and reliability
Independent authentication for public safety agents and hospital
personnel provided by FirstNet during evacuations
Seamlessly share information between your facility and public
safety agencies
• Designed for patients, employees and visitors
Collectively identify, track and update patient and people status
in real-time, using their pictures
Update information on-scene and at remote locations
• No special supplies or equipment needed (no tags, no barcodes)
• ERinfoPRO runs on iOS or Android devices & current browsers


ERinfoPRO’s Evacuation Mode is ideal for:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Natural disaster response
  • Family reunification centers
  • Large public gatherings
  • Mass casualty incidents
  • Routine EMS calls

Intuitive & Simple to Use

  • Photo or picture initiates identification
  • Subsequent photos used to update and track
  • Incident dashboard provides situational
    awareness during evacuation
  • Authorized medical personnel can identify or
    update information on scene or remotely
  • On-demand and automatic notifications
    sent by text and email

Learn How ERinfo Can Improve Evacuation Management And Reduce Costs During Emergencies!

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