Why You Need ERinfo At Your Next Ironman


Thousands of people from around the world participate in the Ironman events each year and up to 23% of participants are not able to finish for various circumstances. During marathons, medical emergencies occur at a rate of 25 people per 1,000 participants, and even though the events have paramedics and first responders available, it can still be difficult to assist the athletes competing without the proper medical information on hand. With ERinfo, we will be able to connect first responders with your medical history to provide the proper care if you need medical assistance during your next Ironman.


Time is of the Essence

When a city decides to hold a major endurance event such as a marathon, the setup of the event can hamper time and access to services like hospitals due to closed roads or traffic jams. Though the mortality rate is low during a marathon, every second is vital in a life or death situation. Harvard Medical School reported in a study that ambulances were delayed on average by 4.4 minutes during a marathon, and that precious time could be the difference in saving a life. ERinfo’s technology allows first responders to quickly and accurately determine a runner’s medical history and formulate a treatment plan quickly in the event of an emergency during a marathon.

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Multiple Ways of Injury

With thousands of people taking part in a race, there can be a multitude of different injuries during a marathon or Ironman events. Collapsing due to dehydration or orthostatic dysregulation are the most common reasons for medical contact, and people may also experience symptoms such as vomiting, fever, muscle pain/injury, nausea, and weakness at running events. In fact, cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death during and after a marathon, so making sure paramedics have the medical history and emergency contact information to save time and determine the best course of action can make all the difference. ERinfo will provide first responders with your medical information to assist with your injuries and pinpoint any existing conditions.


Benefits of Using ERinfo

ERinfo is beneficial for these high-intensity events so first responders can provide athletes with the proper care they need during the event.

Getting the necessary information about your medical history during this type of event is crucial for your safety. By using ERinfo, you will be prepared for medical personnel to treat you efficiently if you need medical assistance during your Ironman. Look into our membership plans and sign up today.

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