Why Identity Management is a Patient Safety Concern

Why Identity Management is a Patient Safety Concern - Feature

In the event of a medical emergency or a medical event that requires the help of professionals, patient identification can make the difference between life and death. Because of this, ERinfo was designed to provide in-depth patient identification information to first responders and emergency personnel! If you are wondering why identification is so important for patient safety, keep reading to learn more about how ERinfo can help. 

Identify Any Allergies or Contraindications

Many people know that allergies can cause medical emergencies, but if a patient is allergic to common medicines like penicillin, the medical team needs to be aware of the allergy in order to treat that patient effectively. With ERinfo, first responders have access to that information and any other relevant medical factors that can cause reactions to certain medications or treatments. 

Provide Chronic Condition Information 

Of course, if a patient has a chronic condition that may be causing or contributing to a medical emergency, first responders need to know right away. With the help of ERinfo, medical conditions can easily be identified, ensuring that the patient stays safer and is treated properly in the event of a medical emergency. 

Allows for Emergency Contact

Emergency contacts are an important part of providing top-quality medical care for a patient, so if first responders aren’t aware of who to contact for a patient, they may not get the support needed in order to get better or thrive. With the help of ERinfo, first responders and medical personnel can easily find contact information in an emergency so family members or partners can be contacted quicker and without confusion.

Can Help Ensure Better Care Overall

Identity management can do more than just provide at-a-glance facts for a patient in an emergency, it can help the whole medical team provide better care. Identification can help the medical team find medical history and details about past care provided so the medical team can make informed decisions about patient care and safety during treatment. 

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