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When you’re in the midst of a medical emergency, it’s important that emergency responders and medical personnel have the information needed in order to provide you with the care you need. However, if you’re unconscious, unable to speak, or having difficulty providing information, you may not be able to provide the information first responders need most. With ERinfo, you can ensure that first responders and medical personnel have your information when it’s needed most. Here are four people who may benefit most from ERinfo. 

People With Chronic Conditions

When patients have chronic conditions or illnesses, first responders need to know how to handle their patients’ medical needs quickly. Knowing whether a chronic condition can cause a bad reaction to certain medications or treatments or knowing if the condition is the cause of the medical emergency can be the key to ensuring that first responders help efficiently and quickly when needed.

Older Patients 

Elderly patients may experience medical emergencies for a myriad of reasons, and they may not always be able to remember medical needs or provide information about medical needs. If you or a loved one is aging, ERinfo can help you to ensure that you get the best care possible if a medical emergency arises.

Patients With Allergies & Sensitivities

Allergies and sensitivities to certain medications or treatments can make a medical emergency go from bad to worse if first responders aren’t aware of the patient’s needs. Instead, with ERinfo, your medical team will be alerted to any allergies you may have so they can treat you without worry. 

Children & Teens

Children and teenagers often have a hard time remembering if they have specific medical needs and if they need emergency medical attention when they’re away from parents or caretakers, this can lead to complications. Before sending your child or teen to school, on a field trip, or a school trip, make sure their information is updated in ERinfo to ensure they get the care they need in an emergency.

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