When Will You Need ERinfo?

In order for medical personnel to provide the best possible care for their patient, they need to know things like allergies and blood type. Information that might be impossible to know if the patient is unable to communicate. With an ERinfo membership, first responders can simply take a picture of a person and, using medical identification technology, view the medical profile they provided. Here are four scenarios where ERinfo could save you or your loved one’s life.

Old man on bench

What if Your Grandparent With Dementia Wanders off?

If you are caring for a loved one who suffers from this medical condition, it is crucial that medical personnel can identify them and have access to their medical history in case they wander off and need medical attention. With ERinfo, first responders can scan their face and pull up their emergency contact list so they can be returned safely.

What if Your Child Has an Allergic Reaction While Out With Friends?

In the middle of an allergy attack, your child may not be able to communicate or know the answer to certain medical questions. ERinfo makes it easy for parents to list their child’s allergies and any other medical information that could be important in an emergency situation so your child doesn’t need to provide additional information to receive treatment.

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Slipping on ice

What if You Slip on the Ice and Lose Consciousness?

Dealing with an unconscious patient can be a difficult situation for medical personnel. They won’t know who to notify and they won’t know what blood type to give if you need it or the kind of medication you are allergic to. If you are unable to communicate with medical personnel, ERinfo will let them access your medical profile so they can provide the best possible care.

What if Your Parent Has a Seizure and Is Unable to Communicate?

If your parent has a seizure and becomes confused, medical personnel will need to be able to identify them and access their medical history. With ERinfo, they can do just that. This can help your loved ones get the treatment they need when they need it.

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Having an ERinfo membership is the best way to ensure that medical personnel have the information they need to provide proper treatment in an emergency situation. Sign up today, plans start as low as $2.50/month!