How ERinfo Can Help Prepare You For a Natural Disaster

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Emergencies can happen at unexpected times, but are more common when a natural disaster occurs. Power can go out to cause a hospital to fail, and first responders need to react quickly out in the field now with the added pressure of inclement weather . Whether it is a natural disaster that you have prepared for, or one that is out of the blue, it is important to do everything you can as a first responder to keep families and the community safe. At ERinfo, we can help you to better prepare for a natural disaster and save time in these unexpected emergency situations. Keep reading to learn more about how ERinfo can help you prepare for a natural disaster and visit us online today to learn more about how we work!

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One of the most important things for first responders to do during a natural disaster is to identify patients quickly. Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake, first responders know time is of the essence to maximize their opportunities during these severe weather situations. Many first responders struggle with identifying a patient if they have no current information like a license on them, especially when a natural disaster causes a loss of property or belongings. With ERinfo, a simple picture taken of a potential patient can help first responders identify the patient and know their medical history to administer proper care in an urgent manner.

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Medical Updates

When an unidentified patient needs medical attention, first responders have to know if there are any medical conditions. However, if you are unable to provide that history, they will just have to do everything in their power to take care of you the best way they see fit. In a situation where a hospital may lose access to records, having ERinfo can help even in this scary instance. With ERinfo, you can upload your medical information and when the first responders take an identifying picture of you, they are able to relay the important information to the other medical professionals to ensure that you get the specific care you need.

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Medical Updates

After a natural disaster, it is possible that a patient may be separated from their family, leaving both them and their family worried and scared.  With ERinfo, if you are taken in as a patient, medical professionals can reach out to your emergency contacts based on your profile and provide them with the information they need to know where you are and what your condition is. ERinfo helps keep families safe during these emergency situations and provides peace of mind even in nature’s most dire disasters.

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Emergency Contacts

With ERinfo, you can prepare for the unexpected and a natural disaster. We understand the importance of helping people get the care they need especially during a crisis. Not only do we care about helping potential patients get the right care, but we also know the importance of helping family members find their loved one when an emergency may have occurred.

When it comes to natural disasters, you can never be too prepared. With ERinfo, you can be one step ahead to protect yourself and your family. Learn more about how easy it is to use and how it can save lives by visiting us online today!

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