4 Scenarios You’ll Be Happy You Had ERinfo

Photo of a doctor

When a first responder gets to the scene of an emergency, sometimes it can be difficult for the patient to effectively communicate with the first responder. Whether that be communicating new injuries or reiterating past medical history, that information may be vital to helping paramedics at scene. By using ERinfo, first responders will be able to efficiently retrieve your medical information to assist you faster. Below are a few scenarios where you’ll be happy you were protected with ERinfo.

Person in a waiting room

During Times of Panic and Distress

Emergencies can be stressful when you are worried and not sure what to do in the situation. When there is a lot going on in the environment that can impact how much information a first responder is able to receive right away. With ERinfo, our medical information technology can alleviate additional stress. First responders can get a quick look into your medical history by using your picture to access information about any underlying medical conditions that may be involved. It will also allow them to know if any specific care is needed or be alerted of any life-threatening allergies you may have. Paramedics will be able to quickly treat you without having to ask extensive questions in regard to your health history. 

person shaking hands with doctor

A Patient is Unable to Speak

In some emergency situations, you might not be able to speak to first responders in the case of a severe accident or serious medical event. In these instances, the paramedics will be able to immediately get background information on your medical history so they can properly assist you in the moment and won’t need to rely on others for information they may not know.

Nurse and woman speaking

Helping Elderly Patients

Some elderly patients may get easily confused and it may be difficult to communicate with them, especially if they have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Using ERinfo can be beneficial to you or your loved ones during emergent or stressful situations to ensure they are provided with the necessary care.

nurse and child

Tending to Young Patients

There may be a case where a child might need medical assistance but is not able to communicate what they are feeling. This technology can help pinpoint any prior medical history that may come in handy. If your child has underlying conditions and is too young to vocalize them, our medical information service can provide you with confidence that your child will get the medical attention they need.

Using our medical information services will not only help first responders, but it will also help assist you and your loved ones in a multitude of situations. You can sign up with ERinfo now to ensure peace of mind in case of any future emergencies you or your family might encounter.