What is ERinfo?

ERinfo, Inc. (“ERinfo”) is a software company dedicated to saving lives and empowering first responders and medical professionals. We provide patented, anywhere, anytime patient recognition and emergency notification using facial recognition to match a field image of a patient with their self-supplied emergency information. Real-time retrieval of critical  information and emergency contact notification by first responders credentialed through the Federal Responder Network Authority (“FirstNet”) can improve patient outcomes, put First Responders and medical professionals in touch with emergency contacts,  and help reduce treatment times and healthcare costs. 

FirstNet is the nationwide communications platform dedicated to America’s first responders and public safety community. FirstNet is purpose-built to enable the important work performed by first responders. FirstNet offers technology, features and functionality designed to properly handle the rigorous and unique demands of first responders. With this much-needed technology upgrade, first responders can connect to the critical information they need every day and in every emergency.