Press Release: Membership Plan Information for ERinfo Medical Alerts

ERinfo provides membership plans that makes it easy for first responder and medical professionals to identify patients quickly, get access to medical information, and send alerts to emergency contacts. Each of their membership plans includes a variety of features and allows for quick treatment. 

The three membership plans that are offered by ERinfo include the individual plan, the family plan, and the extended family plan. The individual plan allows for one person to add their information to the ERinfo medical alert software. The family plan allows for four people’s information to be added to the network. The extended family plan allows for ten people to have their information added to the ERinfo network. 

ERinfo medical alerts is the first of its kind and currently the only authorized medical alert service to work with the federal government’s FirstNew nationwide broadband network that equips first responders to save lives. The patented technology they use allows for members to not have to carry, wear, say, or do anything during an emergency. A medical responder will use the ERinfoPRO to identify a patient and have immediate access to their medical history, emergency contacts, and advanced information.

Information such as pre-existing conditions, hospital preferences, organ donor status,. Medical power of attorney, and more can be added to a patient’s membership information. This gives first responders all of the information they need to effectively and quickly treat a patient. 

ERinfo medical alerts utilize facial recognition technology to allow first responders to quickly identify patients and gain instant access to necessary and life saving information. Once identified, first responders can also notify a patient’s emergency contacts. 

The ERinfo membership plans are beneficial for everyone, but especially beneficial for those with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease, autism, blood disorders, and more. These membership plans can make providing patients with the best treatment easier.

About ERinfo

ERinfo is a software company dedicated to saving lives and empowering first responders and medical professionals. They provide patented, anywhere, anytime patient recognition and emergency notification using facial recognition that provides first responders with emergency information. Founded by Dr. Paige Finkelstien MD, and David Finkelstein, ERinfo was created to help ensure that first responders have quick and easy access to patient information when they need it most.