Online Software Company is Transforming Emergency Response

Miami, FL (DATE) — An online software company called ERinfo is transforming the way that emergency response teams are able to provide timely and effective treatment to patients. The software company, founded by a team of medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and technology development specialists, provides emergency responders with vital medical information that may otherwise be overlooked while on an emergency call.

“When you sign up for an account with ERinfo,” says founder and Medical Director Dr. Paige Finklestein, “you simply upload your information and picture to our secure network. You don’t have to carry anything on you, and emergency responders can access your information from anywhere.” 

The lifesaving software service provided by ERinfo is remarkable in both its simplicity of use and its use of modern facial recognition technology. In the event of an emergency, first responders can take a picture of your face, and using facial recognition technology, ERinfo can provide identification, medications, medical history, emergency contacts, and much more, even if the patient is unconscious, unresponsive, or not in a mental state where they can provide such information. 

“Our goal is to make ERinfo an ubiquitous utility for everyone,” says founder David Finklestein, “and that’s why we’ve made subscription plans affordable, hopefully encouraging whole families to sign up. Even if you can’t afford it, we have options for assistance with financial hardship. Your family deserves to be protected!”

Every year over a million Americans are admitted to emergency rooms without positive identification. With ERinfo, even patients with Alzheimer’s, children without ID, and patients who may be unresponsive can be identified quickly, and medical responders can provide the most effective care. To learn more, you can visit ERinfo online at erinfo.me

About ERinfo:

ERinfo, Inc. is a software company based out of Miami that is dedicated to providing first responders and medical professionals across the country with lifesaving patient information using facial recognition technology. Real-time retrieval of critical information and emergency contact notification can improve patient outcomes and help reduce treatment times and healthcare costs. 

Founder and Medical Director Dr. Paige Finkelstein completed her degrees at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine after completing degrees in chemical engineering and biology at MIT. Dr. Finkelstein is a nationally licensed EMT and surgical resident at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. 

Founder David Finkelstein MBA is a professional engineer and attended the University of Vermont (BSME) and York University’s Schulich School of Business (MBA), and continues to be a prolific entrepreneur.