No one plans to have an accident during the holidays, but it’s important to still be prepared

No one plans to have an accident during the holidays, but it’s important to still be prepared

The holiday season is a time of celebration, laughter, and gathering. It’s also a time when the risk for accidents is at its greatest. From winter travel to congested roads, accidents during this time of year are more common than one would expect. In order to ensure the best care for yourself and loved ones in the event of an emergency during this busy season, it’s important to be prepared and celebrate responsibly.

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Car accidents from distracted or drunk driving

Typically, more car accidents take place during the days around holidays than non-holidays within the US, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each year around New Years, there are anywhere from 39,000 to 51,400 nonfatal injuries that result from car crashes. This could be the result of an intoxicated partier who shouldn’t be on the road or someone who is distracted or driving unsafely. Whether a driver is impatient or stressed and rushing to their destination or simply keeping their eyes on a nearby Christmas light display rather than the road, car accidents are certainly more frequent during this time of year whether you or your loved one was at fault or not. Make safe choices when traveling to your destinations to be aware of other drivers and to be a safe driver yourself.

Accidents from icy or wintry conditions

Icy or wintry conditions are a common occurrence during the holiday season. While you’re traveling to gatherings or zipping around to do your holiday shopping, slippery roads can easily lead to an accident. In fact, according-to the National Weather Service, more than 25% of weather-related fatalities each year occur in snowstorms. If you’re traveling in a state that you’re not used to or the weather is particularly bad, take your time. Drive slowly and be aware of black ice on the roads. If conditions are too severe, pull over and wait for them to improve rather than risking an accident. No matter how close or far away you are from your destination, accidents can happen at any time.

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Emergencies from pre-existing conditions

Not all emergencies take place on the road during the holiday season. Traditionally, during this time of year, the average person consumes more alcohol, salt, sugar, and food in general during the holiday season. This is especially a cause for concern for those with diabetes or pre-existing heart conditions. In the event of an emergency, first responders will want and need to know this crucial health information. Give them the details they need quickly with ERinfo.

The easiest way to be prepared for the holidays

This time of year is meant for joy and celebration, but an emergency can take place when you least expect it. Each day in the US, more than 650,000 emergency calls are received by first responders and over 1 million unidentified patients are admitted to emergency rooms annually. With a membership for yourself and loved ones to ERinfo, you can be prepared for anything and feel assured you or your loved ones will get the specialized care they need. ERinfo empowers first responders to quickly access your personal information and then, with the press of a button, can notify your emergency contacts. This holiday season, be prepared for anything with ERinfo.

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With winter weather and the holiday hustle and bustle already upon us, it’s not too late to prepare yourself and loved ones with peace of mind. This is the time of year where the risk for accidents is high. Whether you’re traveling to holiday gatherings or just out and about doing your holiday shopping, it’s important to be aware of potential risks and take precautions. The easiest way to be prepared for any emergency during this time of year is with ERinfo. Sign up for your membership today – plans available starting at $2.50/mo.