A Deep Dive Into the Technology Behind ERinfoPRO

ERinfoPRO’s facial recognition technology explained 

ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® uses cutting-edge technology to help first responders identify unconscious or unresponsive victims in the field. It is the first “anywhere, anytime” solution that provides instant patient identification, medical history, and emergency contact notification. 

ERinfoPRO uses ground-breaking facial recognition software to identify non-communicative patients, providing first responders with a name, medical history, allergies, pre-existing conditions, and emergency contact information. 

We take a deep dive into the technology behind this life-saving app and how first responders use it to save lives in a medical emergency. 

What is the inspiration behind ERinfoPRO?

There are over one million reasons ERinfoPRO exists today – as in over one million people who arrive at emergency rooms unconscious or unresponsive every year. The lack of identification of these victims can result in delays in administering care. When it comes to medical emergencies like a heart attack or stroke, every second counts. If treatment does not start in a fast timeframe, major complications and death can result. Determining a patient’s identity is the key first step in administering treatment. 

Although medical alerts do exist on the market, they require victims to be coherent and able to answer questions and are often inaccessible to first responders. ERinfoPRO is aligned with FirstNet®, which was built with AT&T in a public/private partnership, together with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet®). ERinfoPRO is an app that was created to provide medical responders, health professionals, and consumers with patient identification services. 

It can provide important information*, including:

  • Patient identity
  • Emergency contacts
  • Current medical conditions & medications
  • COVID-19 status
  • Advanced directives

How does ERinfoPRO’s facial recognition technology work?

ERinfoPRO uses facial recognition technology that allows first responders to make life-saving decisions on the scene of an emergency. How does it work?

 It uses an algorithm and biometrics to map a person’s facial features based on their picture or video. That information is then analyzed and compared to faces stored in a database. Facial recognition is used in many industries, from security surveillance and law enforcement to marketing and now emergency healthcare.

Let’s break down the steps involved in ERinfoPRO’s facial recognition software:

Step 1: The patient’s image is captured. 

Step 2: ERinfoPRO scans the face, mapping geometric shapes such as the distance between the eyes or the length of the nose. These “facial landmarks” are then used to distinguish an individual’s face, resulting in a facial signature. 

Step 3: ERinfoPRO takes the facial signature and compares it to those stored in the ERinfo database. 

FirstNet Certified® and safety measures

FirstNet® provides innovative, mission-ready communication tools to make emergency response times faster and more efficient. It is a leading public safety agency, providing trusted and verified solutions for first responders and public safety organizations. ERinfoPro is the first-ever app in the FirstNet® App Catalog which provides 24/7 access to voice, data, and video services. 

The fact that ERinfoPRO is certified by FirstNet® means its technology has been carefully vetted by the App Review board, including the FirstNet® Authority. ERinfoPRO has passed all security and safety tests as well as met requirements for scalability, mobility, and resiliency. 

Securing sensitive private and medical information is essential in the healthcare industry. There are multiple laws protecting patient privacy, including HIPAA. Any digital information, such as that from ERinfoPRO’s database, must be stored, secured, and sent/received following strict government and industry protocols. ERinfoPRO also includes additional safety enhancements through the FirstNet® network. 

Who can use ERinfoPRO?

ERinfoPRO is designed for first responders and consumers. Consumers sign up with the app and input the information they want to share. First responders use the app in the field, including at accident scenes, mass casualty situations, and natural disasters. 

First responders use this app by downloading ERinfoPRO from the FirstNet® App Catalog and creating a profile. In the field, they only need to take a picture of a victim’s face to identify them and pull up their medical history and other information they’ve shared. First responders can also enroll patients directly.

As for consumers, they can sign up at erinfo.com. Once a profile has been created, they can upload a picture and add information about their medical history, current medications, doctors, emergency contacts, and Advanced Directives. 

To learn more about ERinfoPRO for FirstNet®, go to our website. Here is a full list of apps in the FirstNet® App Catalog. 

*ERinfo only processes, stores, and transmits PHI using AWS HIPAA-eligible services as defined in the AWS Business Associates Addendum.