ERinfoPro for FirstNet®: The victim identification and emergency notification system for first responders

In today’s digital world, it seems impossible that first responders would be unable to identify a victim, but it happens more often than we think. This lack of identification and access to victim medical information results in delays in diagnosis and treatment. 

Any delay, especially in an emergency, is serious and can mean the difference between life and death. 

ERinfoPro for FirstNet® provides the solution by giving first responders anywhere, anytime victim identification and emergency contact notification services.

The problem

Every year, over one million patients arrive in the ER unconscious and/or non-communicative. If a medical alert device or close, personal contact isn’t with them, it can be nearly impossible to identify the victim. This results in critical delays as first responders and ER personnel try to establish a name and medical history. 

Unfortunately, there is no standard solution for these situations when it comes to documentation and note-taking. This lack of consistency can have detrimental effects on the diagnosis and treatment of a victim in an emergency.

Current consumer offers

There are a few commercial options available that can provide victim identification and medical history:

  • Medical Alert Bracelet
  • Apps – ICE apps on Apple & Google stores
  • Biometrics (e.g. BioEnable & Imprivata)
  • Physical ID cards

However, these solutions are often inaccessible to many populations due to cost, language, and accessibility barriers. Plus, in an emergency, these solutions still require input or permission from the victim to access.

The solution

With ERinfoPro for FirstNet®, a single photo can help save a victim’s life. 

ERinfoPro for FirstNet® is now FirstNet Certified™ and accessible via the FirstNet App Catalog. This ground-breaking tool utilizes facial recognition technology to determine critical victim information, including:

  • Identification of the victim
  • The victim’s emergency contacts
  • Current medical conditions and medications

ERinfoPro for FirstNet® helps FirstNet® first responders identify unconscious or non-communicative victims at the scene of an emergency. Through the app, first responders can retrieve critical medical information and reach out to emergency contacts in real-time.

Whether responding to a single-victim accident, a mass casualty incident, or a natural disaster, first responders can immediately assess, diagnose, and administer treatment with assistance from ERinfoPRO for FirstNet®- saving lives on a massive scale. 

ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® is FREE to all FirstNet® first responders. 

How it works

Using ERinfoPro for FirstNet® is simple:

  • Download the ERinfoPro for FirstNet® app from the FirstNet App Catalog
  • Take a photo of the victim
  • ERinfoPro’s facial recognition technology will match that photo to a victim’s profile
  • Access the victim’s medical information and notify emergency contacts

First responders can also enroll victims at no cost by creating a profile and asking victims about their medical history, identification information, emergency contacts, and getting their signature. This will make a significant difference in the speed and standard of care for high-frequency, at-risk, and underserved individuals.  

What being FirstNet Certified™ means for first responders

FirstNet® has a public-private partnership with AT&T.  ERinfoPro for FirstNet® is the standard solution for first responders and is designed to provide safer, faster, and more efficient emergency care. 

Achieving a FirstNet Certified™ designation means ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® is a heavily vetted and trusted solution for public safety, meeting FirstNet app requirements. Before any mobile solution can be added to the FirstNet App Catalog, it must pass stringent tests for security, relevancy, data privacy, and availability, as well as review by the App Review board which includes the FirstNet Authority. As a FirstNet Certified™ app, ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® has been confirmed to meet those requirements, as well as higher requirements for mobility, scalability, and resilience.   

FirstNet features the first-ever App Catalog geared to first responders, with more than 150 apps, including ERinfoPro for FirstNet®, relevant to public safety’s mission. This gives FirstNet subscribers a dedicated location to find meaningful new solutions that have been specifically reviewed for use with FirstNet® services.

The network’s technology provides an “always-on” mobile communications ecosystem that offers 24/7 access to voice, data, and video while in the field. It is the only network that is physically separated and fully dedicated to public safety. Plus, the technology operates under government oversight and accountability from the FirstNet Authority.

FirstNet subscribers will also be able to take advantage of the ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® solution while benefiting from the enhanced security provided by the FirstNet network core, which is the only physically separate network core dedicated entirely to public safety in America.

The new life-saving tool for first responders

ERinfoPro for FirstNet® is here to help first responders do their jobs faster and more efficiently. The struggle to identify unconscious or non-communicative victims in the field can result in unnecessary delays in care. Finally, there is a tool that can help identify victims and enables communication in real time with their emergency contacts.

To learn more about ERinfoPRO for FirstNet®, visit the App Catalog

*ERinfoPro only processes, stores, and transmits PII using AWS HIPAA-eligible services as defined in the AWS Business Associates Addendum.