4 Ways ERinfo is Transforming Emergency Response

4 Ways ERinfo is Transforming Emergency Response

Since ERinfo was founded, our mission has been to make lifesaving medical information quickly available to emergency first responders. Until now, most people with serious medical conditions or who take special medications have needed to rely on outdated methods like medical jewelry to indicate their conditions. With the advancement of technology, so too have the methods in which positive identification can be attained advanced. Here are just four ways that ERinfo is transforming modern emergency response worldwide.

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Resources Extend to First Responder Support

While the information provided by ERinfo’s lifesaving ID technology primarily assists first responders, that critical information doesn’t stop there. When your identity is confirmed through our secure network, your vital medical information will immediately be used in the field — but it will also be communicated to the medical facility you’re transported to, and your emergency contacts can be automatically notified. This direct proliferation of lifesaving data from first responders to other medical personnel helps provide the most effective care and can ultimately help reduce your medical costs.

Integrated Platform

ERinfo’s patient information database is completely safe and secure — you can read all of the details in our privacy policy. The information you provide is accessible only to emergency response personnel through the ERinfoPRO application. During an emergency, medical responders can take your picture and run it through ERinfo, safely and securely accessing your medical information at the time when it is most critical. This integrated platform also allows responders to reach emergency contacts, caregivers, and physicians, eliminating the need for medical jewelry or informational medical cards. 

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Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

With the advent of advanced facial recognition technology, ERinfo has been able to leverage astounding cutting-edge technology to help patients in crisis. When ERinfo users subscribe to the service, they upload images of themselves to our secure servers. When emergency responders take your photograph using their authorized mobile device, facial recognition technology is used to match your face with your information. This means that even patients who are unresponsive, unconscious, or are too young to be required to carry ID can be identified, and medical care administered effectively. 

Data-Driven Approach to Crisis Management

By utilizing modern technology, ERinfo is able to provide a data-driven approach to crisis management. By providing emergency responders with precise medical data quickly, anytime, and from anywhere, crisis situations can be handled more effectively, or even avoided altogether. When this critical data is not available to emergency responders, it can be difficult to accurately ascertain the nature of the medical emergency, sometimes leading to unnecessary or unhelpful treatments. With accurate data, care can be administered quickly and accurately, reducing treatment times and medical costs to both patients and health institutions. 

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ERinfo is an affordable way for your entire family to have the advanced protection of immediate medical identification. We’d like to invite you to explore our enrollment options and sign up your whole family today!